2007.06.17: Gental Singletrack Fiction

+1900m, -2000m, 47km

In some ways this could be another typical Swiss ride.  Great views, quite a few pieces of excellent trail, lots of climbing.  And too many bits of too difficult trail – too narrow, too many rocks – and no pictures of these bits.  Despite a bike map saying it is ‘medium’ difficulty singletrack.  Excellent to do once, probably won’t do this again as a bike ride unless the trail is worked on.  So watch out what you believe, and don’t worry there are still lots of excellent rides elsewhere.

Video: Right-click here to download a 1 minute, 9 MB video (.WMV format):

Obligatory dessert photo:

Obligatory mountain and cow photo:

It is a good idea to respect the time no-biking sign on a sunny Sunday afternoon it a very touristy area.  Fortunately it was only a short bit around the lake like this.


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