2007.06.23: Goppenstein-Leuk Endless Singletrack (non-fiction)

+2000,-2500, 43km

With so much to explore in Switzerland, it is unusual to ride some trail 3 times.  That says something about this ride.  While far from all singletrack, there is an awful lot of it, with nice views, and mostly rideable.

Video: Right click here to download 4 minute, 31MB video (.WMV format):

Bike ready for free train transport:

Starting point, Goppenstein:

Ferden chalets:


Honor system drinks, pay the stated price in a little box:

Now for a variant, instead of descent to Loesch-les-Bains, descend to Loesch – much better and more singletrack all the way down:

Chermignon in distance:

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