2023 Mountain bike multi-day tour Loesch to Martigny

3 day tour on flume and vineyard trails in the Valais (chemin des vignes et bisses).  Used bed and breakfast and hotel for accomodations.


Bike setup:

  • 13.6kg bike weight + 3.5 kg gear on bike = 17.1kg total  

Trip photos:


  • SwitzerlandMobility mobile phone app
  • Supertrail paper maps and Singletrail website and printed maps


  • For 0 to 10 deg C weather
  • No rain
  • Headwinds sometimes 20-40 km/h
  • Note 10+ phone is missing from gear photos

Gear carried on bike:

Gear carried on me:

Gear carried in backpack:

What worked well:

  • Off-season, middle of week for nearly empty trails
  • Middle of week for last minute hotel reservation
  • Public transport everywhere to enable any length trip

What to change for next time:

  • Bring powerbank, towel, and extra underwear ?
  • Don’t bring goretex socks and gps?
  • Didn’t use balaclava, but useful if colder than expected, nor lighter gloves, but without wind it could have been used. 


  • Kms: Minimum, average, maximum, total: 31, 33, 36, 98.5
  • Climbing M+: Minimum, average, maximum, total: 500, 725, 865, 2176
  • Descending M-: Minimum, average, maximum, total: 500, 760, 900, 2290
  • Photos: number, GB: 675, 1.7GB
  • Lodging cost CHF: minimum, average, maximum: 40, 42.5, 45