Canon SX700 HS Review



+ Good to hold, built in grip, mode dial on back helps to hold securely

+ Good picture quality in sunny conditions

+ Has somewhat advanced modes like P, Tv, Av, M

+ Manual focus, custom self timer (I like to set to 1 second for some purposes)

+ Seems to be more dust-proof than Panasonic DMC-TZ25 and TZ7 cameras I’ve had in the past


– In removing camera from case I often hit the Wifi/Camera connect button by mistake which then blocks from taking a picture immediately.  My wish would be to disable this button.

– No HDR mode, I assumed any modern camera would have it!

– Doesn’t charge from USB – when travelling just with a backpack, one USB charger should be enough for everything: phone, camera, headlamp, GPS

– Unimpressive picture quality in cloudy days (maybe every camera has this challenge)

– No time lapse feature, admittedly more advanced feature, but no reason a reasonable version couldn’t be included

– Not weather proof, admittedly rare in this size camera, but no reason it can’t be done and would be very useful


Ideal camera:

  • Big sensor, 1″ or bigger, ‘low’ megapixels ok (11MP?) for good low and bright light quality
  • Wide angle, fast lens, zoom 24 (or bit smaller if possible) to whatever is possible in small package, 200mm?
  • Great ergonomics for glove use – grip, big buttons/dials
  • Weatherproof
  • Macro mode 5cm or less
  • Excellent time lapse feature (one sec to one minute intervals, limited just by battery life, exposure tracking and choice to assemble video in camera and save individual stills)
  • 3MP, 5MP to whatever MP max camera has for stills in 4:3 mode
  • 16:9 still photo mode at least equivalent to ‘4k’ tv screen (so about 9MP minimum in 16:9 mode)
  • Charge battery from USB cable
  • Small overall package (no bigger/heavier than a Panasonic LX100)


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