2007.07.27-28: Maighelshütte, Maighelspass, Furkapass, Grimselpass

Challenging trail, hike in a few places after this:

Only one pair of bike shoes:

Overall not a trail for biking – trail is in very bad condition overall, with significant hiking sessions.  Could be that serious erosion of trail has made it more difficult.  Nevertheless happier to do it with the bike once, then not to do it, or to do it just by hiking:

But near Hospental is some great, but short trail:

Before we switch bike to road mode – more PSI, and lock out suspension for some serious road ridiing, Furka pass coming up:

Couch near top of Furka:

Next, Furkapass downhill, then Grimselpass uphill:

Grimselpass uphill:

Now for 1500m downhill:

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