2007.07.15: Mattertal Best Of

UPDATE – New shanghai trip below this post.

Friday: +200m, -100m, 4km: Lauchernalp-Kummenalp
Saturday: +750m, -3000m, 49km: Kummenalp-Jeizinen-Gampel-Turtig-Bachtola-Moosalp-Embd-Stalden-Zermatt
Sunday: +1150m, -3000m, 62km: Zermatt-Tufteren-Täschalp-Täsch-Stalden-Gspon-Visperterminum-Visp

Videos still to come:

On the way to Kummenalp Friday night:

7pm, just before sun goes behind mountain, and time for dinner:

Faldumalp in the distance:

Just one photo of excellent trail to Jeizinen:

To Bachtola:

Ok, lazy Saturday and way too hot to be biking on asphalt roads:

View from dinner terrace:

A trail to avoid on heavy hiking times:

More of the mostly rideable trail, remember stop and yield to hikers!:

You can also stop and yield to stairs and cliffs:

Just right tire pressures, suspension and aggressive riding and the rocks go away… and maybe even applause from hikers if you didn’t make it look too easy:

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