Swiss bike rides:

2008.05.23: Back on the VTT
2008.05.21: La Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchatel, via les Tablettes
2007.05.06: Endless Road (road biking)

2010.08.29: Arnergale + Visperterminum trail research
2010.08.08: Varneralp/Gemmi + video
2010.07.28: Zermatt
2010.07.25: Varneralp 2010
2010.07.16: Col (et cabane) de Mille
2010.07.10-11: Saflischpass, Üsseri Nanzliche
2010.04.24: Bitsch & Betten singletrack
2008.07.09: Alps Crossing x2 – Sanetsch + Gemmi
2008.07.02: Tour Brig-Belalp-Visp + video
2008.06.21: Trient / Marecottes El Dorado
2008.06.19: Connecting the dots, Montana -> Sion
2007.10.13-14: Tour Val d’Anniviers and Col de Cou + video
2007.07.13-15: Mattertal Best Of
2007.06.23: Goppenstein-Leuk Endless Singletrack + video
2006.11.26: Oberwald to Niederwald via Waldweg (and Rottenweg)
2006.10.14.-15: Saflischpass Solitude
2006.08.09: Varneralp 2

Berner Oberland:
2010:09.11: Mürren Singletrack
2010.05.28: Best of Grindelwald
2007.06.10: Grindelwald Explorations

Suisse Central:
2008.05.23: Sustenpass (road biking)
2007.06.16: Gental Singletrack Fiction + video
2007.04.28: Accidental Singletrack (Napf)

2008.06.11: Alpentour Albulatal by Bike
2007.08.10-12: Scuol-Nauders-Val d’Uina + video

2007.05.24-27: Top of Ticino with Bike-Explorer Tours + video

USA bike rides:

2010.10.02: Hole in the Ground (California)
2009.11.13-15: Purisma and El Corte de Madera (California)
2009.11.08: Waterdog Park (California)
2008.04.06: Sweeney and Mora ridges (California)
2008.04.05: More Purisima (California)
2008.03.30: Pine Mountain Loop (California)
2008.03.23: Tamarancho (California)
2008.03.16: Purisima (California)
2003.10.26: Loon Lake Death Ride and March (California)
2003.06.07: Thunder Mountain (Utah)

You can still find some old content at (not yet migrated to new web site):

Singletrack sources Switzerland:

  1. (in German/French/Italian) – maps, cd-roms and guided tours
  2. (in French) – fantastic pictures and rides if you learn some french (some hints – photo = photo, Eté = summer, VTT = MTB). Lots of ideas of where to go or not to go depending on how much tolerance you have to carry your bike. But of course some of the best rides involve carrying your bike a bit or a bunch!
  5. – learn how to read the finest maps in the world – use 1:50,000 for initial scoping and then 1:25,000 to see if it really might work. Look for trails that don’t cross many contour lines – it might be rideable!

Singletrack sources USA:

  2. Check out Western Spirit Cycling or Rim Tours for guided tours.

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